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2013 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

The Butler
We hate to pick on obscure international posters but sometimes one is so bad it just has to be highlighted. Someone clearly thought that the US designs were too simple and that they really needed to showcase the entire cast. The result is a painfully bad case of floating head syndrome better suited to a high school yearbook collage.
This poster was a front-runner for last year's worst poster until its release date got bumped ahead. A perfect example of why photo shoots are so important when making a decent poster, though even that couldn't have saved this painful concept.
The Heat
This movie poster made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Everyone was abuzz over the horrendous Photoshop job done on Melissa McCarthy's face, making it slimmer, smoother, and practically unrecognizable.
The most basic purpose of a poster is to make you want to see the movie. Is there anyone who actually looked at this image and thought they'd like to see it? It almost screams "Do not watch this film!"
The idea of a poster showing Wolverine surrounded by attacking ninjas sounds great but something went horribly wrong in the execution. The result is laughable instead of exciting. It feels as if was thrown together in five minutes.

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