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2013 IMP Awards - Best Special Edition Poster Nominees

Created by Tom Hodge, copies of this poster were given away at select opening night screenings of the film at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. Overflowing with action, the design pays homage to VHS cover art from the 80s.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
This special IMAX poster, inspired by the artwork of Kris Kuski, feels like an ancient sculpture dedicated to the film and is overflowing with detail.
Part of IMAX's 12:01 poster giveaways, this limited edition design was signed by the director and given away at select midnight screenings. It features a memorable image of the devastated Earth and a look at the even more devastated moon.
Pacific Rim
This comic book style poster was given away at select IMAX showings of the film.
You're Next
Who knew that a floor plan could be creepy? This poster for the film was featured at the San Diego Comic-Con.

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