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2013 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

The Conjuring
Sometimes the best elements of posters are the things you don't notice right away. The imagery of the noose, the creepy tree, and the fog-shrouded house in the background are enough to create an ominous mood, but it's the shadow of the body hanging from the noose that really makes the poster disturbing.
Many of the best horror film posters make your skin crawl and this design certainly does that. Definitely not a poster to hang up in your bedroom.
Kiss of the Damned
Featuring artwork by Akiko Stehrenberger, the poster (like the movie) is a great throwback to the 60s and 70s.
Would You Rather?
Since Un chien andalou, razor blades and eyeballs have been an unwelcome combination in the movies. This poster manages to grab us with its unsettling image and we feel the overwhelming fear registered in that single eye.
You're Next
One of three posters for the film featuring the blood-stained masks of the killers, this sheep from hell is easily the scariest of the bunch. Having the title and creepy tagline scratched in with a blade adds to the disturbing feel of the poster.

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