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2013 IMP Awards - Best Documentary Poster Nominees

Birth of the Living Dead
Great artwork gives us an undead version of George A. Romero surrounded by memories from his landmark 1968 film.
A haunting image and tagline set the tone for this exploration of killer whales in captivity.
Blood Brother
Beautiful artwork captures the heartache and joy of one man's journey to help HIV positive orphans in India.
Jodorowsky's Dune
Artwork by Kilian Eng gives us a great glimpse at what the actual poster might have been for a film that never was.
No Place on Earth
This memorable design creates a symbol of hope (in the form of a candle) from the opening of a cave that sheltered families of Polish Jews during World War II.
Runners up: The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, Metallica: Through the Never, The Act of Killing.

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