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2013 IMP Awards - Best Comedy Movie Poster Nominees

Anchorman 2
The stars from the original Anchorman are back in a big way. The expressions on each character's faces are great, especially Steve Carell's vacant stare.
Bad Grandpa
A very funny poster that instantly captures the concept of the film, though it may have been even better to have gone with just the bottom image from the international version.
The Brass Teapot
An eye-catching poster for a film with a very unusual plot (couple finds a magical teapot that gives them money whenever they hurt themselves). You might have no idea what's going on in the image, but it certainly catches your attention.
Breakup at a Wedding
There's so much to see in this artwork by Tom Hodge. Surrounding the seemingly happy couple we've got police cars, paramedics, streakers, nipple cupcakes, and much more. Lots of fun!
This Is the End
In what must have been a fun photo shoot, the stars are comically fighting to the very end.

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