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2012 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

Bad Ass
Any man who can blow up a bus with a baseball bat must be pretty bad ass. Danny Trejo's face certainly fits the title but what the hell is wrong with his body? It looks as if he is a Stretch Armstrong doll, a real head on top of a CGI body that seems better suited to someone 50 years younger.
John Carter
The main crime of this poster is simply that it does not sell the movie at all. Yes, it is a teaser but what exactly is it teasing? All we get is a face and a logo. The title doesn't even tell us a thing about the film. The logo might have worked if it was familiar artwork from some recent novel that was all the rage with teenagers but the movie is based on a novel from nearly a century ago. When you are trying to promote a $250 million dollar film a teaser needs to create more of a response then "Huh?"
Yes, it's for a low budget independent film but surely that should be no excuse. Are these people flying in the world's largest airplane? Are they riding an indoor roller coaster with really fancy seats? Poor Anthony LaPaglia looks severely constipated. And what's with the seemingly random placement of actor Gbenga Akinnagbe behind the front couple? Based on the trailer he has a dog in his hand but it looks more like a soggy loaf of French bread. One assumes that the makers of this poster were given very limited time and resources but surely slapping the film's title onto any random frame from the film would've been better.
Safe House
Imagine a movie starring Denzel Washington as a man with a special curse. Every time he smirks a miniature Ryan Reynolds pops out of his head and starts shooting people. If that had been the plot of Safe House then this would've been a half decent poster. But instead of making someone think "exciting thriller", this poster makes you think of Meet Dave.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Maybe it is impossible to do any poster for the Twilight series without it seeming like a spoof. Anyone who does not swoon at the sight of Edward, Jacob, or Bella is more likely to laugh at them. Just putting any of their emotionless faces on a poster makes it a prime candidate for worst poster of the year. Here we've got all three of them participating in what seems to be the annual winter Vampire / Werewolf marathon wearing the same expressions they'd have if they were sitting in Algebra class. Of all the possible images for the film, why would anyone choose this? Then, to make things even worse, it's topped off with one of the most hilariously pompous taglines ever.

and the winner (loser) is...