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2012 IMP Awards - Best Special Edition Movie Poster Nominees

The Cabin in the Woods
Given away at an advance screening of the film, this Mondo / Alamo Drafthouse poster (obviously inspired by M.C. Escher) can give you a sore neck. Manages to capture the twisted story of the film where nothing in the cabin is at it seems.
Given away at special midnight IMAX screenings of the film, this simple but adorable poster uses an original sketch by Tim Burton.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
One of four beautiful posters once again given away at special midnight IMAX screenings of the film.
John Carter
Yet another special edition poster given away at midnight IMAX showings. This one, by Mondo and artist J. C. Richard, lovingly captures the wonder of the alien world of Mars.
Killing Them Softly
A special series of artistic posters for this film were apparently only released online, featuring interesting ways of incorporating America and guns.
This poster is one of a series of special Mondo designs that were posted up around the US. People were asked to photograph them and post them online.
Runners up: Dark Knight Rises, The Man With the Iron Fists, Prometheus, Seven Psychopaths, and Skyfall.

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This category highlights special / limited edition movie posters from the past year that may not have seen the inside of a theater wall but were still used as part of the film's promotion as part of wild postings, special premieres, or midnight IMAX giveaways.

In some cases (The Hobbit, for instance) there were a series of posters. In such cases we have included our pick for the best of the group to represent them.