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2012 IMP Awards - Best Comedy Movie Poster Nominees

The Campaign
We have two comedic actors on the poster but it's the baby that gets all the laughs here. The sheer look of terror on its face as these two politicians vie for a photo op is hilarious.
Hotel Transylvania
It's just an empty character poster. But that's the whole point of the joke. It's the Invisible Man, what did you expect to see? Much better than the other character poster for him that had him wearing shorts and holding a drink.
Ruby Sparks
It may not be an especially funny poster but it is a great design that manages to capture a rather unusual plot (the character from a writer's novel comes to life) quite perfectly. Great tagline as well.
In case you don't get the joke, we basically have a teddy bear masturbating to online porn. Yes, it's childish, but it fits perfectly with the raunchy character of Ted and is, one must admit, rather hilarious.
The Three Stooges
Slapstick can be rather difficult to capture with a still image but this design manages to do a great job of giving us a taste of the antics of this new take on old classic physical humor.

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