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2012 IMP Awards - Best Action Movie Poster Nominees

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Dark and moody, this design takes a rather ridiculous premise and makes it look intriguing. The faceless Lincoln seems relaxed and yet ready to raise his axe and pounce at any moment. The mist shrouded trees and the skull-like full moon help create an atmosphere of dread.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
The film may not be a classic but the poster is quite impressive. The biker from hell returns with his molten chain and flaming bike. Plenty of attention to detail on all the glowing and charred elements of the bike. Great perpective as it seems to leap off the poster while at the same time we can see the desolate highway behind it disappearing into the distance.
Man on a Ledge
Can 3/4 of a great poster still be a great poster? There's only one thing wrong here: the generic star portraits at the bottom of the design that seem to have been tacked on at the last minute. But ignoring that minor (major?) detail, the rest of the design is quite impressive, making us feel like we are up there with the title character and starting to feel dizzy.
Eerie and mysterious, this poster may have been meant to just be a teaser but ended up being the main poster for the film. The forboding tagline and some subtle nods to the Alien films are just enough to leave us wanting more.

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