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You Be the Judge - 2011 Vote Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the various poster categories over the last few weeks. After weeding out all the duplicate votes and obvious spamming we have come up with what the awards would look like if YOU picked the winners. In some cases your picks and The IMP's picks are fairly similar but there are a few categories where they are not even remotely close.

For instance, it looks like The IMP has a very different sense of humor as there is almost no common ground in the Funniest Movie Poster category. Just as we shake our head at some of the ones you've picked, we know that some of you are questioning the sanity of The IMP for some of its picks. Who's right and who's wrong? Well that's the wonderful thing about opinions... no one is.

Check out the top five results below for each of the voting categories...

Best Movie Poster (1,343 votes)

396 votes

294 votes

283 votes

267 votes

244 votes

Worst Movie Poster (1,189 votes)

578 votes

516 votes

293 votes

253 votes

223 votes

Best Teaser Poster (1,375 votes)

483 votes

425 votes

393 votes

284 votes

272 votes

Funniest Movie Poster (1,366 votes)

375 votes

251 votes

235 votes

232 votes

212 votes

Creepiest Movie Poster (1,695 votes)

724 votes

414 votes

312 votes

262 votes

258 votes

Best Movie Poster Tagline (885 votes)

259 votes

252 votes

240 votes

237 votes

210 votes

Best TV Poster (975 votes)

465 votes

416 votes

408 votes

299 votes

165 votes