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2011 IMP Awards - Funniest Poster Nominees

Gnomeo and Juliet
Sure, butt crack jokes are not quite at the height of intellectual humor and if it were anything but a garden gnome showing a bit too much cheek it likely would be more disgusting than funny. But there is something rather hilarious about this image, especially with the addition of the laughing red gnomes in the background.
How to Live Forever
A great example of how the film's title, tagline, and image come together to make something quite hilarious. Buster, with a pint of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other shows that there are no absolute tricks to longevity. The expression on his face is perfect.
Madea's Big Happy Family
There were a number of spoof posters for this film but there is something so utterly wrong about this image that makes it hard not to laugh at.
The humor here just comes from the creature itself. Those eyes, the glum expression on his face, and the shirt - especially the shirt.
A very Harold and Kumar Christmas
Hard not to laugh seeing tough guy Danny Trejo wearing one of the tackiest Christmas sweaters imaginable. And his family all look so... festive.

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