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2011 IMP Awards - Creepiest Poster Nominees

The Human Centipede 2
For anyone who has even heard of the original film, just the thought of a sequel is frightening enough. From a distance we see what looks like a human spine. But on closer inspection we can see that someone has taken the mad doctor's fantasy from the first film to even greater lengths. (We count 41 bodies in total.) That they are all naked and many of them appear to be bound just makes things worse.
The fact that some people thought the character looked like Justin Bieber might be reason enough for some to find this poster creepy but there is also something quite unsettling about the boy's eyes and his way-too-serious expression. Add in some ominous lighting and a great tagline and you get something your kids can hang on the wall to keep them awake at night.
Madison County
Artist Tom Hodge has made a number of recent posters in the style of 70s exploitation films. They have all been rather creepy but this one is the creepiest in our opinion, with numerous women in peril, blood-soaked knives, and one scary psycho wearing a pig's head. The only hope the tagline offers for these poor women is for them to imagine it all away.
Shark Night 3D
If you don't find this poster scary then you have likely never been afraid to go into the water. That monstrous mouth is one of the last things you want to see while swimming and likely the last thing this poor girl ever sees.
Scream 4
By now, pretty well everyone is familiar with the mask from the Scream franchise. After all the sequels and spoofs it has likely lost a lot of its creepy edge, seeming more humorous than scary. But this poster manages to make it scary once again.

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