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Mick MacD

Apr 08 08:43:56pm

Quentin is the fucking man. First let me start off by ynaisg not bad for somebody who dropped out sophmore year and never went to college for directing movies. Second for Death Proff I thought there could of been alot more crash scenes in your movie. Either fucking way it fucking kicked ass!! Your next movie sould be called Airbone. It's about 4 college students who take one last trip before they part there way's. But what they don't realize is that there about to catch a virus that turns there organs into chocolate milk!! John gets home from the trip,goes upstairs to take a shower and try's to get the dirt around his finger nails and then suddenly his finger nail pop's off one by one. The scene that will probably make everyone fucking barf in the show is when John is at a family BBQ and John is eating steak and realize that steak isn't crunchy,so John spits out the steak and realize that he is chewing on his teeth!!! Pretty fucking sick huh!!
Mar 23 12:01:38am


Feb 24 05:14:48am


Feb 18 05:44:02am

Actually, the Abduction poster scared me a lot
Feb 15 06:26:05pm

bvvn x

Feb 10 08:19:59pm

These are my creepiest photos
Feb 10 08:12:05pm


Feb 09 05:27:18pm


Feb 07 12:47:32pm

Lisa W
Jan 25 08:40:49am


Jan 24 05:16:15am


Jan 23 07:28:53pm


Jan 22 06:51:41pm

Amy Saddingston
Laid To Rest for sure!
Jan 17 03:06:04pm

Gordon Ganaway

Jan 22 09:13:04am

Father's Day rules!
Jan 22 02:00:03am

love you
Jan 21 12:32:53am


Jan 20 03:22:26am

Adam Hue
CS2 please
Jan 20 03:10:40am

Gordon Ganaway
Definitely a favorites of mine and one of the best around.
Jan 19 08:18:51pm

Jimmie Rogers
They all have the feel of 1980s horror posters. The movies back then may have been terrible at times but the box art/poster made them amazing
Jan 19 06:00:36pm

I won't be sleeping any time soon. Scary poster.
Jan 18 09:38:43pm

michael hess

Jan 18 09:15:00pm

Donnie Coleman
laid to rest for sure
Jan 18 08:07:41pm

Sam Wingo

Jan 18 07:41:45pm

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