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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 3D Poster

Poster design by Ignition Print
3D Creative and Print by Virtual Images

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)


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 Comments on the Poster

Johnny08-24-2010 05:08 [E,W]
Oh my God, this poster is so cool!

marc08-24-2010 12:55 [E,W]
This will be a short-lived fad, I think. Once the novelty wears off, there's little reason to look at it again.

BitterLemon®08-24-2010 16:02 [E,W]
It does lose its novelty fast.

Mel08-24-2010 18:52 [E,W]
Ok, this looks good but, arent 3D posters made for movies that are released in 3D?

kees08-25-2010 03:57 [E,W]
I love how this is straight out of the books (page 1, vol. 1). Excellent poster. Too bad they didn't put this up in theatres, that would've been awesome.