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Saw 3D (2010)


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 Comments on the Poster

Dania08-11-2010 13:07 [E,W]
I think this idea works better than the eyeball, it makes more sense. The hands almost feel like arterial veins coming out of the heart. I like that the heart is black and tarry too, more unexpected.

Hov08-10-2010 17:16 [E,W]
The heart should pump, fake rotate is not ''motion.'' Smarten Up Nas

timmy P08-10-2010 19:56 [E,W]
now its PS3 from 2006. LOL. jokes.
your heart is black for being rip-off artists.

Garfield08-11-2010 00:41 [E,W]
Black Blood look like Oil. LOL! Great Poster.

migs08-17-2010 14:38 [E,W]
Just stop please. No more! The well is dry.

danny08-11-2010 06:40 [E,W]
unique...luv the artwork

migs08-11-2010 12:37 [E,W]
STOP!!. Someone has to tell Lionsgate to stop pushing this look. Terrible!

Dania08-11-2010 13:15 [E,W]
SECOND THOUGHT .... I think in place of the hands there should be something more 'SAW' related.... (like the eyeball piece). If you were to keep the hands I think the hands reaching out (almost as though grasping for help) would be more appropriate... or switch up the hand poses a little instead of all fists. Whenever I see a poster with a fist I think propaganda/revolution.

It could be nice to get a little natural (b/w) texture on the heart too, subtly so that it doesn't go too CGI and feels a little more real.

I like this piece though, I think it's a good idea. :)