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Saw 3D (2010)


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 Comments on the Poster

alex07-22-2010 16:05 [E,W]
i love all of the visuals popping out of the eye.

deafears07-22-2010 16:22 [E,W]
would have been cool had Playstation not done this years ago. someones getting fired...

Purkilius07-25-2010 12:24 [E,W]
No matter itīs cool you do not have to invent the wheel twice!

GDFace07-24-2010 20:41 [E,W]
Wow, deafears, that is remarkable. It's one thing to draw inspiration from something, it is another thing to steal it entirely. It's time like these I wish you could grade posters on here -- a giant F for malicious plagiarism.

carlo07-23-2010 03:28 [E,W]
i am losing faith in the creatives in this business. what's going on with the unashamedly ripping other ads off. playstation already made this ad.

Cyclic07-23-2010 00:36 [E,W]
They are TOO similar. Isn't it more likely that they got permission or maybe hired the same agency?

Bill07-22-2010 20:53 [E,W]
I like the design, but the movement isn't very inventive. Just bobbing back and forth. Not very scary.

nightmareglove07-22-2010 21:25 [E,W]
Very cool better than I thought it would be