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2010 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

Finding Bliss
We understand that one can't always get the actors to show up for a special photo shoot for the poster. But the least you can do is try to make it look like these actors might have been in the same room. Everything looks badly pasted together. The all-white background makes it looks as if they are sitting on a very short bed and that Jamie Kennedy is missing part of his torso. About the only good thing about this poster is Leelee's smile - though what she could be smiling about in this situation is hard to tell.
Gulliver's Travels
It's hard to dislike this poster simply because it is so hilarious. Unfortunately, it's funny for all the wrong reasons. It's bad enough that Jack Black seems to be incredibly happy about being tied up by all these tiny people. But it is painfully obvious that his head cannot be attached to that body. Is his head the sun, rising over the dead body of some giant? And can anyone tell where the ropes around his feet disappear to?
The King's Speech
When the film's director refers to the poster for his film as a train smash, you know there must be something wrong with it. With roughly pasted on actors, foolish expressions on their faces, and a rather dumb tagline, this design certainly does not scream Oscar material. The poster should be selling "intelligent drama" but instead appears to be promoting a screwball romantic comedy - some love triangle where a married woman gets wooed away from her stuffy husband by an eccentric stranger.
The Last Song
Seeing floating heads on a movie poster is nothing new. But here we have what seems to be an actual floating head - like something out of Zardoz. Couldn't they have at least given him some shoulders? It looks like they used a dull pair of scissors to cut and paste him onto the scene. What could this movie be about? Based on Miley's Cyrus's spooked expression it's clear that she's none too happy with this creepy floating head. This would be a perfectly fine poster if the film was a supernatural thriller about a girl haunted by some decapitated boyfriend from her past.
Looks like we have another fine example of a photoshoot where none of the actors showed up. We are faced with important questions like: Are any of those heads actually attached to their bodies? Who is the giant man about to give Paul Walker the Heimlich maneuver? Is Chris Brown falling asleep? Why does Michael Ealy look grainer than everyone else? And where the hell is Matt Dillon? What's really scary is that this version was a slight improvement over the original version that apparently tried to attach Paul Walker's head to the body by giving him a turtleneck sweater.

and the winner (loser) is...

 Comments on the Nominees

Tamsin01-17-2011 03:51 [E,W]
It's hard to decide between 'Finding Bliss' and 'Takers', but I vote for 'Finding Bliss'.

bobo01-17-2011 11:09 [E,W]
gulliver HAS to win (or lose i guess)

Patricio01-17-2011 13:00 [E,W]
finding bliss

orlando01-18-2011 19:39 [E,W]
lol I love these nominees. Takers is monstrous, I'd vote for the turtle neck one.

Yel Yint01-18-2011 07:04 [E,W]
Finding Bliss and The King's Speech really deserve it!

sheva 701-21-2011 11:29 [E,W]
The King's Speech

radiofan01-17-2011 13:45 [E,W]
The Last Song and Takers

jack 01-17-2011 15:02 [E,W]
gulliver's travels

DMC01-17-2011 18:23 [E,W]
Gulliver's Travels, by far. Seeing Jack Black make that expression is bad enough, but looking up into his crotch and then telling me the movie he's promoting is in 3-D is my own personal hell. The cure for the common pedophile is this movie poster.

Saad G.Khan01-17-2011 18:38 [E,W]
Gulliver's Travels

mattcooper01-17-2011 18:59 [E,W]
the last song

Travis02-11-2011 12:51 [E,W]
King's Speech.

cipiflesh01-19-2011 04:59 [E,W]

chinchi01-19-2011 09:15 [E,W]

Geek01-19-2011 12:18 [E,W]
GULLIVER'S TRAVELS HANDS DOWN! It is one of the worst posters I have EVER seen.

DSouza_Vasco01-19-2011 13:33 [E,W]
The King's Speech