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Poster design by Jeremy Saunders

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Antichrist (2009)

When the rating warns of "high impact violence and sexual activity" and the poster features a rusty and bloody pair of scissors, you know it isn't going to be a Disney film. This Australian poster is simultaneously beautiful and repulsive, generating an eerie atmosphere for the film. Seeing the scissors representing the couple intertwined adds to the disturbing nature of the poster. Our pick for the creepiest of the year.

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 Comments on the Poster

QBoudica01-19-2010 18:19 [E,W]
I love it. And it is a tad creepy.

bittens01-25-2010 16:13 [E,W]
Am I the only one who saw this poster and immedietly thought that the scissors were also supposed to be reminiscent of a torso and legs? 'Cause it seemed obvious to me, but I haven't seen anyone else comment on is, so maybe I had the wrong assumption.

bittens01-25-2010 16:17 [E,W]
Oh, but good pick for creepiest poster, with them foreshadowing the events of the film, and those freaking heads on the handles. I like how if you closed the scissors, they'd be kissing, hinting towards the sex/violence link that Charlotte Gainsbourg's character had going on.