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2009 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

All About Steve
A poster should not be screaming "do not watch this film" but that is exactly what this design seems to be doing. Sandra Bullock looks completely nuts, and not in any kind of funny way. Actor Ken Jeong appears to have been pasted onto the poster at the last moment as an after thought.
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans
Last year it was Nicolas Cage's lack of a gun that created an awful poster. This year, someone seems to be overcompensating by giving him a humongous gun, along with a slightly mutated hand holding it. Speaking of overcompensating, they also went way overboard when it comes to Eva Mendes's cleavage. Check out the original image to see just how much.
The Golden Boys
There's nothing particularly wrong with this poster until you look at David Carradine's arm. What is going on there? Either he has an arm growing out of the middle of his back or else there is someone with really long arms hiding behind him holding up the umbrella.
We can't quite put our finger on exactly what's wrong with this poster but everything about it seems off. The odd placement of Steve Zahn's hand. (As if they wanted to show him touching her butt without actually having him touch her butt.) Jennifer Aniston's awkward pose. (We've tried mimicking her pose and, though it is possible, it's also rather painful!) It feels as if her upper body and lower body just don't belong together. Worse yet, the poster tells us almost nothing about the film. The movie's title is of no help so we really need a better clue. Is it a movie about sexual harassment? The international poster art (which has since been used for the DVD cover) at least tells us a little something.
My One and Only
Suppose they gave a photo shoot and nobody came... That seems to be what happened here, with odd shots of the various actors strewn randomly across the poster, staring at who knows what. Renee's impossibly long gloved arms appear to have been drawn on, Logan Lerman (in blue) seems to have alien hands, Mark Rendall (sunglasses) appears to be missing an arm, and Eric McCormack (far left) has a broken finger. What a mess!

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

FJN-MD01-11-2010 11:21 [E,W]
''All About Steve'' wins this one. It seems like they had to submit a poster by a deadline and just threw images together.

phil01-11-2010 13:11 [E,W]
All About Steve! I thought there were other hideous one worth making the list, but All About Steve is hard to beat!

Jared01-11-2010 14:29 [E,W]
No way. Are you people crazy? While the All About Steve Poster sucks in concept, the photoshop work is decent. One and Only is horrendous. The concept sucks and features some of the worst photoshop work I have EVER seen.

Tim01-11-2010 16:38 [E,W]
All About Steve... terrible film... worse poster.

GDFace01-11-2010 16:41 [E,W]
All About Steve, while not as bad technically as the others, is by far the worst at GETTING PEOPLE TO WATCH THE MOVIE! Even Sandra Bullock fans had to shudder at seeing this. Some write-in nominees: Did You Hear About the Morgans?, Couples Retreat, Everybody's Fine.

Ice Wolf01-11-2010 19:25 [E,W]
The Golden Boys (aka Chatham)

isaac01-11-2010 20:14 [E,W]
I'll vote for All About Steve.
and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans, I can't tell how funny when I look at it, but it's should not be right?

designerd01-11-2010 21:21 [E,W]

movierator01-11-2010 21:25 [E,W]
all about steve is the worst poster i've ever seen!
Sandra looks like a phychopathic killer!
the poster looks terrible
that and my one and only looks like a bad art project!

Tamsin01-12-2010 06:19 [E,W]
I think it's My One and Only, with All About Steve in 2nd place. I think the insane look on Bullock's face is not just bad, but hilariously bad!

chris01-13-2010 02:18 [E,W]
My One And Only... God... is just horrible.

Johnny01-13-2010 17:35 [E,W]
The All About Steve poster looks horrible!

vargucci01-15-2010 14:29 [E,W]
Me and Only Me is the biggest POS of the year. Horrible photoshop, that user should have their software license revoked. Stick to MS Paint.

Rodrigo01-13-2010 20:25 [E,W]
Jesus man! They all awful! I vote for all of them. Can't choose just one as the worst.

unnati01-16-2010 06:45 [E,W]
My one and only....its jus baddd

B.P. Silly01-19-2010 15:40 [E,W]
GAWD! Sandra won best actress? And didn't win worst poster? This is a crime! Who keeps giving her slack?

Lewis Anderson05-11-2010 05:59 [E,W]
all about steve weird poster strenge and creepy