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2009 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Teaser Nominees

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Anyone growing up during the original heyday of The Chipmunks likely also grew up making colorful images with their Lite Brite. This poster offers a cute merging of two fond memories from the past.
The Lovely Bones
There's something beautiful and slightly haunting about this poster, which does a great job of capturing the mood of the film.
The Ugly Truth
A cute way of representing the film's battle of the sexes.
A simple, beautiful image that immediately grabs your attention.
Where the Wild Things Are
Having one of the wild things shyly peeking out from behind a scarred tree is a great introduction to the movie adaptation of the popular children's book.

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

phil01-11-2010 13:05 [E,W]
The Ugly Truth. By far!

Tim01-11-2010 16:36 [E,W]
I'm torn between Up and Where the Wild things are... oddly with (I never thought I'd say this) The Ugly Truth coming in a close third.

GDFace01-11-2010 16:38 [E,W]
Alvin, followed closely by Lovely Bones. Zombieland's teaser should've been nominated.

kyle01-11-2010 17:06 [E,W]
wild things, please.

Ice Wolf01-11-2010 19:15 [E,W]

isaac01-11-2010 19:55 [E,W]
1st The Ugly Truth
2nd Up
3rd Where The Wild Things Are
By the way, I'm not sure The Lovely Bone one is the teaser poster? I thought it is the theatrical poster.

movierator01-11-2010 20:58 [E,W]
I think the wild thing poster is defently a cute and nice teaser!

scottzenegger01-11-2010 21:27 [E,W]
Up. Very beautiful image.

copter9501-11-2010 23:37 [E,W]
The where the wild things are poster makes you just as curious as the wild thing in the poster. Making me the most obliged to go see Where the wild things are. Not to mention that it's a stunning and beautiful image

dogsoldier01-12-2010 10:53 [E,W]

Up or Where The Wild Things Are for me. I hate The Ugly Truth poster.

Kees01-12-2010 14:23 [E,W]
Wild Things. The wild thing peeking around the tree is a perfect way of revealing the design of the creatures and makes it look real cute.

DMC01-12-2010 12:17 [E,W]
''Where the Wild Things Are'' far. Do you really want to give the best advance movie poster to stick people with red dots?

HomerSimpson01-12-2010 17:47 [E,W]
You put Up and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in there, nice! Up should win.

Insurrbution01-12-2010 20:40 [E,W]
Lovely Bones!

ilovepas01-12-2010 22:52 [E,W]
i think up and wild things are the best of these... i think zombieland, ice age 3, and wolverine were also cool... i dont know, thatīs what i think

Mostafa01-14-2010 19:00 [E,W]
The Lovely Bones

Rodrigo01-13-2010 20:17 [E,W]
Where the Wild Things Are. That poster is lovely.

minlshaw01-13-2010 22:20 [E,W]
''Up'' is my favorite of these five. (I also prefer it to the release poster.) I love the color scheme and the simplicity of the design. After that, I think I prefer ''Wild Things'', because I find it alluring...and that's what a teaser poster should evoke.

Benito Delicias01-14-2010 09:51 [E,W]
what about the first Precious poster? The red one? It should have been here

unnati01-16-2010 06:39 [E,W]
ugly truth or UP.....out of these for sure...

HomerSimpson01-18-2010 09:00 [E,W]
Hooray! Up won!