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2009 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Motion Poster Nominees

NOTE: These motion posters all have sound effects so you might want to adjust your volume accordingly...
The Haunting in Connecticut
I Can Do Bad All by Myself
Saw VI
Terminator: Salvation

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

designerd01-13-2010 12:33 [E,W]
I vote for TERMINATOR!!!

Dr. doom01-13-2010 12:45 [E,W]
Haunting actually sold tickets. It's is so f'ed up.

Blake01-13-2010 12:51 [E,W]
The one thing all these posters have in common, is that they're all better then the actual movies. Except Pandorum, that one's just disgusting.

Cobe Karl01-13-2010 11:35 [E,W]
There should only be one nominee. Terminator. it wins hands down, the others are sooooooo forced. the flower is a Nat geo time lapse shot, then we have a movie clip, then rubber cement arm, and the premonition, err.. saw 24 poster was never meant to be motion, forced. yes, this is a new medium and will take some exploration, but terminator already does it beautifully.

kara01-13-2010 11:57 [E,W]
The first two are little more than web banners showing scenes from the movies. The third is a little silly with the face suddenly appearing in the flower. Only the last two are really imaginative, creating something new and fresh. Terminator is awesome... but I really like the concept and execution of Saw.

dogsoldier01-13-2010 10:43 [E,W]
hmmm, I think the Normal poster of Terminator Salvation is better (this is a bit too obvious), Pandorum was just kinda gross and weird, I didn't really get the Saw 6 thing because ''the disease'' had nothing to do with the movie (still a cool poster though). I'd go for The Haunting In Connecticut which was just one freaky poster. The weakest would be the one with the flower.

omar01-13-2010 19:02 [E,W]
i vote tyler perry i can do bad all by myself

Ice Wolf01-13-2010 15:33 [E,W]
Saw VI

G UNIT01-13-2010 14:09 [E,W]
THE HAUNTING IN CONNETICUT Motion Poster was ground breaking. We all know Terminator did it first, but I think of the nominees HAUNTING had the biggest effect. I remember even seeing it on TV.

T-REX01-13-2010 14:10 [E,W]
Haunting is the best!

Freaks me out!

Kim.G01-13-2010 14:08 [E,W]
i watched the Haunting Mo Po about 100 times. I just love it.


Rodrigo01-13-2010 20:15 [E,W]
Terminator, of course! That is a great poster! And the greatest movie of the bunch.

MonkeyMan01-14-2010 13:15 [E,W]
Wasn't to pleased with the movie, but you can't ignore the fact that that poster was EPIC

Tamsin01-14-2010 11:31 [E,W]
I vote for Terminator Salvation.

Bitter Lemon01-15-2010 02:00 [E,W]
Terminator. No question. From efficiently of message, to concept and execution. Also consider the difficulty and age of the brand. As tight as a movie poster can get.

G FORCE01-14-2010 23:04 [E,W]
Haunting wins.

Sippy01-15-2010 12:13 [E,W]
How did they do the Saw Motion poster anyway??? Was it CGI?? Or was it filmed?? It must have cost a million dollars. I like it.

Roberto01-15-2010 09:55 [E,W]
I VOTE FOR ......'' T E R M I N A T O R 3 ''

Nay Myo Paing01-13-2010 22:53 [E,W]
The first 3 posters are just boring and repeating motion effects....And the award goes down to....!!!you know..

Androo01-14-2010 08:29 [E,W]
While I like the Saw and the I Can Do Bad posters (Haunting and Pandorum are not poster materials, just clips from the films), the best motion poster so far is Terminator Salvation. It's like the whole motion-poster thing was created to make This one.

unnati01-16-2010 07:06 [E,W]
for sureee TERMINATOR....its d bestttt!!!

isaac01-13-2010 20:04 [E,W]
This one I'll go for SAW VI, although I hate the series, but I do like this motion poster and the theme song, it makes excitement.
And the 2nd, I think I'm gonna choose Terminator Salvation, keep the original poster and make it into motion, good job!

iMc01-20-2010 20:15 [E,W]
Pandorum or Terminator for sure. Anyone who thinks that the Pandorum one is gross hasn't actually seen the movie.

phantom01-21-2010 01:14 [E,W]
just sawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lewis Anderson06-24-2010 06:03 [E,W]
I vote for saw VI but Teminator salvation is good too the others are not so good .