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Poster design by Ignition Print

Leaves of Grass (2009)

IMDB  |  AMAZON  |  Directed by: Tim Blake Nelson

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 Comments on the Poster

SAD09-08-2008 22:56 [E,W]
People also might have trouble telling the difference between this and the mirrors poster.

everythinglooksthesame09-11-2008 11:19 [E,W]
and also the campaign for 'Flashbacks of a Fool'

Gomez10-20-2008 19:51 [E,W]
Nothing original here.all I can say is Mirrors rip off.

Sam02-08-2009 08:40 [E,W]
I think that for what I read about the plot, this is slightly credible. However, yes, it is not original at all, sometimes it's just hard to come up with a brilliant idea.

critic09-09-2008 15:27 [E,W]
Ignition has an obvious history of ripping off other companies posters.
whether in comp format or on a finished piece.
but for whatever reason clients still print them.. so whos to blame??

benitodelicias09-10-2008 20:59 [E,W]
I don't think anybody remembers that movie anyways, so Mirrors won't be a problem. That movie pretty much came and went in about a week...I doubt the posters were even shown at the same time.

as for this one, this has been done before, but it's not that bad....

Yusuf Tachikawa09-25-2008 20:39 [E,W]
Simplicity, it makes you think that people have two things in their mind. So..Watch this Poster Clearly.