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Poster design by cold open

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Halloween II (2009)


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 Comments on the Poster

karaff08-29-2009 14:35 [E,W]
Doesn't really add much, does it? It's not like the Terminator Salvation or Saw WhateverNumber posters that transform into something new.

H2-NO08-28-2009 17:57 [E,W]
omigod, that is so bad its funny...just because motion posters are hot doesn't mean every movie poster should have one. LOL

ENTERACTIVE!08-28-2009 19:34 [E,W]
That is simply horrible.

Mehdi08-29-2009 22:26 [E,W]
The marketing campaign definitly could've done without this poster, the animation seems very amataurisch, and well, the movement is just a little too obvious really, not that the original of the poster was any better.