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Case 39 Poster

Poster design by cold open

Case 39 (2009)


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 Comments on the Poster

Schampels07-03-2009 10:58 [E,W]
Nice poster, wish it showed Renee's full face and the door already half opened... would be much better.

Ben08-16-2009 23:08 [E,W]
wow, this poster is just the one for 'The Others' with Nicole Kidman

Ale04-29-2009 14:10 [E,W]
This is a ripoff from THE OTHERS movie poster...

DannyPhantom04-29-2009 23:06 [E,W]
They ripped off the Secret window tagline.

Billy04-30-2009 03:20 [E,W]
I really like this. It's slightly ''The Others'' but original in it's own sense. A great teaser.

nicole kidman05-28-2009 09:31 [E,W]
this poster reminded me of ''the others'' poster where nicole kidman is holding a candle stand...and the title font also looks similar...