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Cloverfield (2008)

New York City has been the setting for more than its fair share of Hollywood disaster movies. Godzilla, dinosaurs, meteors, tidal waves, aliens, The Olsen Twins... The list is long. How do you promote a new film and not have potential audiences dismiss it as just another NYC disaster flick?

In this case they went with the idea that less is more, giving viewers a glimpse of the destruction but only a few minor clues as to what the cause of it might be. A great, eye-catching design that generated a tremendous amount of interest in the film. When people want to see your movie (with no star-power) and they don't even know what the title of it is yet, you know you've done something right. Our pick for the best teaser movie poster of 2008.

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 Comments on the Poster

Pam Cushenan01-22-2009 17:03 [E,W]
This poster definitely gets my attention; to have THE symbol of my country's liberty being destroyed caused me to first catch my breath, then want to know what could have happened to cause it. Yes, I want to know more...

Flint01-25-2009 16:47 [E,W]
Doesn't the statue of liberty face outward?
It's a nice poster (kind of cliched though, I think) but geographically completely wrong.