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2008 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

The Accidental Husband

You know what they say about guys with big hands... Well, Colin Firth has HUGE hands in this poster. And what is he looking at? It sure isn't Uma. Maybe he's staring wistfully at the plane that dropped her off. In fact, it is the same shot of him as the previous poster where he is, once again, wistfully staring at something other than Uma. Doesn't look like either of these guys are trying to catch her.
Bangkok Dangerous

The question everyone seems to have after seeing this poster is: What exactly is Nicolas Cage doing? Is he escaping from a straight jacket? Scratching his armpit? Reaching for a gun strapped to his other elbow? Does he only have one very flexible arm? And why does his other hand look like it's holding an invisible gun? One gets the feeling that someone was forced to make enormous changes at the last moment.
Blonde and Blonder

This one was almost a contendor for 2007's awards until the release date got bumped ahead a year. Where do we start? Denise's head? Pamela's knees? The car that seems to be only partially there? There's something seriously wrong here?
The Changeling

If it had only been Angelina's big head on the poster it would've been bland but acceptable. However, the addition of the frightened little boy makes the film look like it is about a gigantic female that eats children.
The Hottie and the Nottie

The IMP's first reaction upon seeing this poster was "Oh my God, what is that?" Can there be a more hideous poster out there?
runners up: College Road Trip, First Sunday, My Best Friend's Girl, Witless Protection, and The Women

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

Chuck01-12-2009 16:10 [E,W]
Blonde and Blonderer - Pam's Knees did it for me, what the heck happend? Did she break her knee cap?

Anne01-12-2009 20:03 [E,W]
My Best Friend's girl should be on here, if one of the actors in the movie says it bad, it is bad.

Hector Aguayo01-12-2009 21:56 [E,W]
The Hottie and the Nottie

omarwall01-16-2009 22:48 [E,W]
The Accidental Husband

Leilu2k01-17-2009 23:20 [E,W]
Hottie and the Nottie, hands down.

Makes me ill just looking at it.

Jim01-17-2009 12:32 [E,W]
The worst is 7 Pounds.

Mark01-19-2009 01:54 [E,W]
Agreed, Seven Pounds and/or Body of Lies should at least be included (if not win) in this category. Of the nominees listed, I'd go with Hottie and the Nottie for sheer unpleasantness, Changeling for lack of creativity.

kyle01-15-2009 04:50 [E,W]
even though I strongly dislike the hottie and the nottie, my vote is for blonde and blonder...garbage.