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2008 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Teaser Nominees


Everything a teaser poster should be. Grabbing everyone's attention while leaving them wanting more. For quite some time after the teaser showed up people didn't even know what the title of the film was. But they knew they wanted to see it.
The Dark Knight

A great introduction to the twisted nature of the Joker.
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Very rare for a character who had a cameo in one film to show up front and center on the poster for the sequel. Rarer still for him to get to be riding a unicorn. But that's just what NPH gets to do. Fans loved it, not seeming to mind that the two stars of the film were nowhere to be seen on the teaser.
Quantum of Solace

A perfect hint of things to come. We see the shadow of Bond holding the weapon he had at the end of the previous film, knowing that he is out for vengeance.
X-Files: I Want to Believe

A simple, eye-catching design that tells us Mulder and Scully have returned.
runners up: Blindness, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone, Rambo, and W.

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

john acton01-12-2009 13:19 [E,W]
some buddy needs to look and pick some good posters. These are some crappy postersss.....

Tiago Ramos01-12-2009 15:11 [E,W]
The Dark Knight

Chuck01-12-2009 16:03 [E,W]
as far as it just being a ''TEASER''... I think the Harold and Kumor poster wins - just for Teasing us abit with Doogie Howser was going to be in the movie...

Anne01-12-2009 20:07 [E,W]
Dark knight, it is perfect and sets the mood.

Billy01-12-2009 22:49 [E,W]
The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Straight away you know it's coming, with the giant X.

Sarah01-12-2009 23:32 [E,W]
Cloverfield or The X-Files

ak russian01-13-2009 12:04 [E,W]
Cloverfield and x-files do for me as well.

Yellow Jacket01-13-2009 21:04 [E,W]
Quantum of Solace. It got my heart pumping to see the film.

Matt01-14-2009 16:41 [E,W]

movierator01-14-2009 14:30 [E,W]
i think cloverfield and the dark knight will be neck to neck with this one they were both good.
even though cloverfields teaser was very odd and you really did'nt know what the movie was about it was really cool.
I can't wait to see who will win this one.

fazelix01-14-2009 10:15 [E,W]
just dark knight

omarwall01-16-2009 22:50 [E,W]
Quantum of Solace

Sohail01-16-2009 14:05 [E,W]
I dont think Kumar and Harold poster fits in gud here...

Juanjot01-17-2009 11:39 [E,W]
i vote for 'the dark knight' and 'Cloverfield'

Guy01-12-2009 16:58 [E,W]
cloverfield, all the way. no words, just an ominous image of a headless statue, everything a teaser should be