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2008 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Character Set Nominees

The Forbidden Kingdom
Hellboy 2
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Speed Racer
The Spirit

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

Luke01-12-2009 03:55 [E,W]
Hellboy, no doubt about it.

B.F.01-12-2009 13:51 [E,W]
As a woman I have an obvious sympathy for the sexist set of hot noir chicks with dirty lines written on their faces. Yes, The Spirit is mine choice.

Chuck01-12-2009 16:08 [E,W]
the spirit

Anne01-12-2009 20:00 [E,W]
None of these are very good.

danny01-12-2009 20:59 [E,W]
I'm still voting tropic thunder!

Billy01-12-2009 22:54 [E,W]
The Spirit.

Sarah01-12-2009 23:29 [E,W]
Hellboy 2

Joe Bob01-13-2009 14:07 [E,W]
While Appalloosa was a terrible movie, those posters are the nicest of the bunch.

Yellow Jacket01-13-2009 21:01 [E,W]
Hellboy for sure.

Matt01-14-2009 16:42 [E,W]
Hellboy 2 for sure.

Conan01-14-2009 16:25 [E,W]
WHAT! No Dark Knight?!?...Well with the Dark Knight not one of the nominees, I would say Hellboy 2.

sachin lokhande01-14-2009 02:38 [E,W]
hell boy is really nice poster.

Desert Yeti01-15-2009 23:43 [E,W]
Spirit has to be the winner!
It stands out from the rest.

Mark01-19-2009 02:01 [E,W]
I'd go for Forbidden Kingdom. I like the color choice and when seen together, they really compliment one another.

Stephanie01-18-2009 15:39 [E,W]
Where are the Tropic Thunder ones? They were great!

Androo01-14-2009 19:43 [E,W]
The Forbidden Kingdom! - Nice colours!