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Hostel Part II Poster - Click to View Extra Large Version

Poster design by Art Machine, A Trailer Park Company

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Hostel Part II (2007)

A slab of raw flesh. That's it. That's all we get for the teaser. All it really tells us is "This movie will probably be gross." It could've basically been used for any of the recent horror films. Add a "Still hungry?" tag line and it could've been used for "Fast Food Nation". Although the image may initially grab people's attention, it really does nothing else. Far too generic.

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 Comments on the Poster

jacob02-06-2008 09:06 [E,W]
the poster is effective in that it teases the audience as to what's to come - this is what you get! granted, it's a slab of meat, but undeniably the reds and the patterning and the gratuitousness of the closeup makes for some rather unnerving and disturbing imagery. i mean, it's advertising a movie that is about torture. what more (or less) could you want?