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2007 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

The Brothers Solomon

It's hard to imagine a more obnoxious poster. Two irritating guys apparently terrorizing a pregnant woman? Is it a horror film? No, it's a comedy. But it makes me want to run away screaming.
Charlie Wilson's War

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts gazing longingly at one another while a very creepy looking Philip Seymour Hoffman gives them the eye. Surely they could've come up with a better image to represent the movie. My first reaction on seeing the poster was "Why would anyone ever go to see that?" The image tells us nothing about the film. We have to read the tag lines to get some idea of what it might be all about.

Despite a funny tag line, this design just makes the movie look incredibly cheesy. All the reviews cluttered around the head can't distract us from how utterly annoying that face is.
Hostel Part II

First there was the slab of meat. Then there was the topless woman carrying her own head. Then, someone decided to merge the two images to create this design. Instead of being horrific, the end result is simply confusion as we try to figure out what the image is all about.
Martian Child

The title and plot suggest that this child may be from another planet. But based on the poster the kid comes across as just some spoiled / eccentric kid. The international poster does a much better job of telling us that this kid is not quite normal.

and the winner (loser) is...