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2007 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Teaser Nominees

Evan Almighty

A single hilarious image that gets across the basic idea of the film.
Saw IV

A very novel way of representing the title of the latest Saw installment, with some lovely chunks of hair in the scissors to remind us that this isn't going to be all sunshine and daisies.
Shrek the Third

When you have a character as iconic as Shrek, it's easy to show just a little of him to get the point across. Seeing the crown and the top of his green head we immediately get a good idea of what's in store.
The Simpsons Movie

Just like with Shrek, The Simpsons is such a part of pop culture that we just need to see some fingers and we know who they belong to. A nice touch making the donut part of the title and then showing Homer eating it in the final poster.
There Will Be Blood

A very simple attention-grabbing image.

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