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2007 Key Art Awards

The 37th Annual Hollywood Reporter Movie Marketing Key Art Awards have been announced. Below you will see the nominees in the various poster categories. (Winners are shown larger.) Feel free to leave your comments regarding the nominees at the bottom of the page.

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[NOTE: Images were not provided for these nominees so we are not 100% sure of the version for a couple of them.]
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 Comments on the Poster

Antoine05-19-2008 20:07 [E,W]
The poster of GrindHouse is very cool!

bogdaniciu05-20-2008 04:54 [E,W]
my favorites are:
horror: 30 days of night
comedy: juno
drama: premonition
family: ratatouille
documentary: the 11th hour
and international: sweeney todd

Louis Fish05-20-2008 16:53 [E,W]
I'll bet a $1,000,000 that BLT will get at least one key art. Most likely for comedy. Anyone want to take that wager?

brady05-28-2008 00:35 [E,W]
Number 23
Walk Hard
Surf's Up
Man From Plains
Sweeney Todd