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Material Girls (2006)

One can almost imagine the Duff sisters insisting that they had to look just as glamorous in both the before and after shots on the poster. Are we supposed to believe that the only real difference between the penthouse and the poorhouse is that you have to take the bus? Meanwhile, the expressions on the "poor" girls are completely inappropriate with Haylie all smiles and Hilary staring blankly off into space. Looks like a very bad patch job. There are so many possibilities for a poster like this. Was this the best they could come up with?

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 Comments on the Poster

Jenna01-22-2007 22:46 [E,W]
The poster for 'Date Movie' was worse than this poster

panda04-24-2007 17:41 [E,W]
yeah...absolutely. date movie poster much more worst than this poster..