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Poster design by Art Machine, A Trailer Park Company

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Hard Candy (2006)

Hard Candy tells the story of a young girl who attempts to turn the tables on a suspected pedophile. Not easy to represent such a provocative idea in poster form without dramatically watering it down or turning it into something sleazy. But this poster manages to capture the essence of the plot perfectly with a very eye-catching and disturbing image. Little Red Riding Hood standing in the bear trap, acting as bait, hoping to catch a wolf. Quite remarkable.

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 Comments on the Poster

Mimi05-25-2008 23:16 [E,W]
I didn't get the little red riding hood part until you mentioned it. And I didn't get the symbolism right away. Maybe it's just me. But it's supposed to be the communication between the poster and the observer, and if it doesn't work on me, there is something wrong.

jax02-19-2009 22:55 [E,W]
Maybe it's with you. Have you considered that?