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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

Date Movie

This poster is supposed to be promoting a hilarious spoof of romantic comedies but there is nothing funny at all about it. There's not even anything humorous about the tag lines. Just a complete waste of time.
Little Man

We can't really fault the poster designers for this one. After all, it appears to represent the movie quite well. So, like the movie itself, this poster is just plain revolting. Don't you just want to slap those stupid smiles of both their faces?
Material Girls

What's better than two Duff girls on a poster? How about four? Then again, maybe it would've been better with none. One can understand what the poster was trying for, but it fails miserably. Do we really think the girls are in the poorhouse? Sure, they're waiting for a bus, which must mean they are broke, right? Couldn't they at least be wearing grubby clothes and not look like they just stepped out of a salon? To make matters worse, what the heck is Hillary looking at? She just seems to be staring blankly into space. Painfully bad.
She's the Man

The main plot of this film centers on a girl masquerading as a guy. Even the title basically tells us so. But for some reason the poster seems to have forgotten this point. Years ago, the poster for Just One of the Guys had a hilarious way of showing a similar basic plot. But this one doesn't even try, unless you count the confusing run on sentence of a tag line that attempts to explain the entire plot.
Snakes on a Plane

Sure, we expected a cheesy poster, but there is such a thing as good cheese and bad cheese and this one just plain reeks. Samuel L. Jackson just looks like he's been pasted in there, who knows what the woman in front is doing, some guy in the background appears to be asleep, and we don't even get to see a single snake. Just plain painful.

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