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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Funniest Nominees

Grandma's Boy
Featuring the art of Phil Roberts, this poster is overflowing with hilarious images.
Man of the Year
Hard not to snicker when you first see Robin Williams in that silly wig. The tag line just makes it funnier.
Nacho Libre
There were a whole bunch of humorous Nacho Libre posters but this one was our favorite simply because Jack Black looks so serious despite that outfit and pose.
Scary Movie 4
A hilarious spoof of the Saw II poster. Especially love that cute little band-aid and the "I will not saw any more fingers" scrawled in the background.
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny
Jack Black gets a second poster in the funniest category and is shirtless in both of them. Here he is featured in a funny spoof of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam". Sure, it's been spoofed before with Bruce Almighty but it is still quite funny, especially with that pompous tag line.

and the winner is...