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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Creepiest Nominees

Black Christmas
This international version of the poster tosses out the subtlety of the first US version (though it still uses the bloody ornament) and goes right for the shock value of displaying one of the main actresses in the film with her eyes gouged out. Very nasty!
Not quite sure what is happening in this poster. The fact that the woman is on top is really confusing. Is she attacking the monster? Are they sharing an intimate moment together? Regardless, that is one revolting creature and a very frightening poster.
The Hills Have Eyes
The most frightening thing about this poster is the look of sheer terror in the woman's eyes and the fact that we can tell she is screaming even though her mouth is covered. It's hard to look at this without wanting to leap into the poster and rescue her.
Here we have another woman in jeopardy. This time she is being pulled down by thousands of grasping hands forming the shape of a face. Wouldn't want it looking down at me from my bedroom wall.
Silent Hill
Lots of creepy posters for this film, but this one, with faceless nurses from hell, is by far the most frightening.

We felt bad for leaving out a number of scary posters so we'd like to mention a few runners-up that did not quite make the top five:
Descent, Hostel, The Omen, and Saw III

and the winner is...