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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Poster Nominees


Often the best posters can come from very simple images. In this case the battered poster of Robert Kennedy speaks volumes.

A great way of displaying the title of the film and getting across the idea of the poison running through the veins of the main character. A very memorable image.
Hard Candy

How do you come up with a visual for a plot involving a young girl preying on a suspected pedophile? This poster, of Little Red Riding Hood standing in a giant bear trap (or is it a wolf trap) captures the idea of the film perfectly.
An Inconvenient Truth

A very eye-catching poster with the emissions from the smoke stacks forming into a hurricane. A great way of representing a film about global warming.
Madea's Family Reunion

A beautiful image featuring a family tree and someone trying to put the pieces of it all together.

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