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2005 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Stupidest Expression Award: Ice Cube in Are We There Yet?
Wordiest Poster Award: The Aristocrats
Best Remake of a Poster: Phil Roberts for his remake of the 1976 poster by Jack Davis for Bad News Bears
Most Actors on One Poster: Twenty-four in the international poster for Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Cujo Award: Scariest dog on a movie poster goes to Because of Winn-Dixie
Serious Attitude Award: The four scary girls from D.E.B.S.
Most Dramatic Teaser to Final Poster Transformation: Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Somehow we've gone from a beautiful image of a woman / flower to a crazy gun-toting man dressed as a woman.
Biggest Head Award: Reese Witherspoon in Just Like Heaven
Most Original Credits: Everything is Illuminated for listing the credits all around Elijah Wood's head.
Most Adorable Poster: The wonderfully simple romantic gesture in Little Manhattan
Most Cryptic Blurb from a Critic: Ronnie Schieb for referring to Lovelorn as "A magnificently thesped, engrossing melodrama about the collateral cost of altruism."
Worst Attempt at Cashing in on Another Movie's Success: The international poster of The Great Raid for referring to it as "Pearl Harbor meets The English Patient"
It Pays to Enrich Your Word Power Award: Ice Princess for teaching The IMP what a "mathlete" is.

Mistaken Identity Awards (because The IMP is really bad with faces)
I Didn't Think Orlando Bloom Was in This Movie Award: The Jacket
I Didn't Think Charlie Sheen Was in This Movie Award: Serenity
So Why Isn't Johnny Depp in the Poster? Award: The Libertine

Linda Blair Award: Reese Witherspoon for her revolving heads in the Just Like Heaven posters.
Do I Smell? Award: Chris Noth in The Perfect Man and Morena Baccarin in Serenity for being put so very far away in the background
Funniest Poster Promotion: Star Wars: Episode III for their free giveaway of the "Who's Your Daddy" mini posters on Father's Day.
Creepiest Poster Promotion: Saw II for their Halloweeen Blood Drive.
Most Revolting Poster: Waiting... for their ultimate meal from hell.
Worst Punctuation Award: The 40-Year-Old Virgin for not knowing how many hyphens to use. Honorable mention goes to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for missing a comma in the first version of the teaser.
Worst Poster Pun: Racing Stripes for the painful tagline "Cheer 'Til You're Horse". For a runner-up, choose almost any of the character posters for Sky High
The Godzilla Award: Capote. It's a great poster but, man, that guy is HUGE!
Scariest Character Poster: A tie between Oscar winners F. Murray Abraham and Kathy Bates in The Bridge of San Luis Rey
From the Studio That Brought You Award: The Greatest Game Ever Played. First, The Rookie referenced Remember the Titans. Then Miracle referenced both of them. Now this poster refers to all three. If Disney keeps making sports films they will soon run out of space on their posters.
Made You Look Twice Award: Goes to The Family Stone. It's not the middle finger, honest!
and finally...
Lamest Attempt to Cash in on the Holidays: Goes to Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Everyone's dressed for a day at the lake but for some reason the dog is wearing a Santa Claus cap.