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2005 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees


The much maligned teaser poster for the film based on the first person shooter. With its fake looking gun and blurry monster it made many fans of the game think this poster had to be a joke. As one person in our forums mentioned, a screenshot from the game would've been preferable to this.

Jodie Foster gritting her teeth. A great example of simply marketing a film around the actor and forgetting everything else. If not for the title we wouldn't even be able to tell she was on a plane. (At least the international poster shows that much.) Normally, giving the actor a dramatic expression would earn a few points but how can you describe her expression in this poster? All we can tell is that she is not happy. Surely they could've come up with something much better.

Obnoxiousness does not a good poster make. Who would actually want to watch this movie after seeing the way Jane Fonda appears in the poster? Gives one the heeby jeebies just looking at her. To make matters worse, that "photo" that is being torn up just doesn't look realistic. And who is Jennifer looking at? Check out the international poster instead. Fonda's fake smile and the claws digging into Jennifer's shoulders creates a far superior design.

Once again, we have a man, a woman, and his mother. But is the mother angry or happy? We can't tell because she's covering her mouth. Maybe she is stifling a laugh. Who knows. Regardless, it is a very irritating expression. And from the poster we can't even tell that she is the mother. Awash in white space, the poster really says nothing about the film. You could write any plot you want featuring two women and a man and use this poster for it.

The IMP really enjoyed this movie, which makes it especially upsetting that it has such a bad poster. It reeks of bad fan art. The characters on the poster are nothing like they are in the film. They seem bland and generic. Take a sexy babe with a gun, put in a big mysterious head behind her, add some floating words in an attempt to convey some aspect of the plot, and finally throw in a spaceship so we know it is sci-fi. Very disappointing indeed.

and the winner is...