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2004 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Blockbuster Nominees

50 First Dates
Always fear posters which toss in animals - in this case a penguin. Not an overly bad poster, but Drew Barrymore's expression seems a little too exaggerated and surely they could've done a better job of actually representing the plot of the film.
Meet the Fockers
A completely meaningless poster. Lots of white space and a line up of the entire cast posing together. Yes, the outfits kind of represent the clash of personalities, but it is way too subtle, especially for a comedy.
Ocean's Twelve
Another daring but plain poster design. A bunch of running legs representing some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.
A Shark Tale
Just has the feel of a straight to video release, touting all the big name voice actors with rather lame looking character images, especially that stupid smile on the face of Will Smith's fish.
Spider-man 2
Certainly the lesser of the posters for the movie's campaign. There's just something that seems wrong about the design. Perhaps it's the fact that his face seems too skinny or that it's not a perfect split between him and his alter ego.

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