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2004 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

First Daughter
Selling a poster on the sole basis of the star. This is a movie starring Katie Holmes. That's all we can tell from the poster. We deserve just a little bit more than that.
Meet the Fockers
Surely they could've come up with something better than simply posing the cast together. This is a comedy! Put something funny on the poster! At the very least they could've thrown in some bit of irony in the background to show that this "perfect" family picture isn't that perfect after all.
The Terminal
After the lame poster designs for Catch Me If You Can one would think Hanks and Spielberg would have a better design this time around. But, no, it's even worse. A meaningless poster of a befuddled looking Hanks staring at - the next poster on the wall, I suppose. Check out the international poster for a proper poster for the film.
The ultimate in pointless star power posters. Three actors with an X between them. Guess it must be a thriller. Maybe. A total lack of imagination.
The Whole Ten Yards
When I first saw this poster I was sure it had to be a fake. Bruce Willis looks like a decrepit old man, Matthew Perry's head looks like it was pasted on, and what is that thing in between them?

and the winner is...