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2004 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Funniest Nominees

His news is better than your news. How can anyone not laugh at Will Ferrell in that get up and with that expression on his face?
Fahrenheit 9/11
Michael Moore and George W. Bush hand in hand. It may never pass any authenticity tests, but it is definitely hilarious.
The Incredibles
Okay, so maybe he's three times the hero he used to be by the look of this picture. A funny poster for a great movie.
Shaun of the Dead
This UK version is much funnier than the North American poster. Just seeing the expression on Shaun's face, surrounded by all the zombies and holding the flowers. And don't forget, it's "shuffling" into cinemas...
Starsky and Hutch
Yes, it's not the first time we've heard the joke about cops looking for a bust, but it's still pretty funny, especially with the look on Owen Wilson's face.

and the winner is...