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2003 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Poster Nominees

From Justin to Kelly
The horror! The horror! The poster that shouldn't have been made for the movie that shouldn't have been made. Just a meaningless poster with an especially frightening Justin making me want to run and hide.
How to Deal
First of all, there is nothing to this poster. It's just Mandy Moore. Secondly, her shirt looks like it has just been painted on. And finally, its tag line (Rule #1: There are no rules) is as old as the hills and pretty darn stupid as well. Absolute laziness!
Love Don't Co$t a Thing
The first thing I have to ask is what are these two people doing on this poster? They certainly aren't aware of each other. She's walking around in a daze, staring off into space. And he's looking... well, he's not looking at her, though I guess we're supposed to think he is. And the tag line? "Love don't cost a thing, but it pays to be yourself?" Put that way, its grade school attempt at wisdom doesn't even make sense.
Something's Gotta Give
Cookie cutter poster. And not very good cookies at that. All we get are the two actors smiling. Nothing more. Tells us absolutely nothing about the movie. We don't even get a nice tag line to tell us all the things that the images do not. Somebody's gotta give us a better poster.
Ahh, it's Gwyneth... I mean Sylvia. I suppose if you really knew Sylvia Plath well you might guess the movie is about her from the poster. But all I see is the actress. I can guess that it's about a writer since they used a typewriter font for the title, but that's it. Tell us more! If you haven't given us enough information to pique our interest, what's the point?

and the winner is...