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2003 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Creepiest Nominees

Cabin Fever
Up close, it's just a lone cabin in the woods. But from a distance, it's a skull. A very creepy poster design.
A bloody handprint made up of a screaming face and various shadowy figures. Creepy indeed. And a million times better than the worthless cover it received for video release.
Jeepers Creepers 2
Nothing like a screaming face trying to break through the flesh of some creature. 
Party Monster
Certainly the most revolting poster of the year. Of course its limited release probably allowed it to get away with more than your typical poster would. I can't quite imagine this one being displayed at a typical multiplex. Quite disturbing.
Pirates of the Caribbean
From this poster, you'd think the film was a full fledged horror film. Never let the dead guy steer the ship, that's my rule. A great image.

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