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2003 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Blockbuster Nominees

Bruce Almighty
It's always great when the poster design contains something made specifically for the poster and not taken from the film itself. In this case, we have the great image of Jim Carrey dangling the world on a Yo-Yo. And the expression on his face tells us just how seriously he is going to take the job.
Finding Nemo
It's hard to go wrong when you've got such memorable characters to put on the poster. Two itsby bitsy fish cowering before the humungous shark. Quite hilarious.
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
There were a fair number of posters for the film, but this one was perhaps the most memorable. A fairly simple design in one sense, but all the small details - the sword, the armor, the expression on his face - speak volumes.
Pirates of the Caribbean
No famous faces, just a very creepy looking skeleton piloting a ship. True, it may lead people to think it's an all-out horror film, but a great poster nonetheless.
The first poster for this film, featuring the horse and jockey galloping, didn't really say much other than "this is a horse racing movie". But this one, with Tobey Maguire placing his face lovingly against the horse's face, says so much more.

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