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2003 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Poster Nominees

Cold Creek Manor
It's so rare to find subtle film posters. In this case, an empty field takes up the bulk of the poster. In the distance we see a house and right before us we see photographs strewn about. And we know this house has a past, even without reading the tag line. A very gutsy design.
The Cooler
I always wanted to see William H. Macy in neon. A great idea for a film set in the casino world. Extremely original.
Finding Nemo
It was a close race between this version of the poster and the version featuring the entire cast of sea creatures. But in the end, simplicity won out. Just a beautiful image of the enormous shark and the two frightened little fish huddling together.
The bloody handprint made up of the shadowy figures and screaming face creates a great feeling of fear and of being stalked. A great idea for a poster.
Pirates of the Caribbean
A wonderful teaser poster of a skeleton pirate steering his ship through the driving rain. Released before "curse of the black pearl" was added to the title, this poster perfectly captures the horror of the undead pirates. The only thing missing is any hint of the film's humor.

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