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2002 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Blockbuster Nominees

Catch Me If You Can
What were they thinking? The first poster, with the blurry images of the two stars, wasn't that great, but this one is completely pointless. The two stars striking foolish poses. Star power is the only thing that helped this poster draw in business.
Die Another Day
A real disappointing poster, especially after the excellent teaser poster with the gun on ice. And it's all too obvious that they are trying to play on the recent popularity of Halle Berry. As many mentioned when this one came out, it looks more like some fan's home-made poster than something the studio would come out with.
Men in Black II
What exactly is wrong with this poster? The IMP can't quite put his green finger on it. It just seems so... drab. I suppose that is sort of the point. The black and white unemotional style of the Men in Black. Not a bad poster, just not that good.
The Santa Clause 2
There's only one thing really wrong with this poster. It features the most scary looking Santa Clause since Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
Scooby Doo
A bunch of legs in scary looking fashions does not a good poster make. Perhaps the IMP is unfairly biased against Shaggy and the gang, but this poster seems as bad as the clothing.

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