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2002 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Funniest Nominees

About Schmidt
Rather peculiar when the same poster could be nominated for most tragic poster and most humorous one, but that is definitely the case with "About Schmidt". It also holds very true to the movie, where there are times when you don't know whether to laugh or cry at the pathetic, yet all too-human character of Schmidt. But regardless, it is hard to walk past this poster and not smirk at the extremely dishevelled Jack Nicholson.
Ice Age
How can you not look at this bug-eyed squirrel trying to hide his acorn and not crack a smile?
Lilo and Stitch
Just placing that strange creature known as Stitch on a poster makes it pretty funny. But the addition of frightened characters from numerous other Disney animated films is what really makes this one funny.
Rules of Attraction
Cute little stuffed animals in all sorts of sexual positions. Some people may find this rather offensive but if you can get past that, it is quite humorous.
Santa Clause 2
Although the main posters for this film simply featured a frightening image of Tim Allen as Mr. Clause on them, this one skips the star power and simply provides a humorous image of Santa at what looks like the wrong end of some reindeer games.

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