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2002 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Poster Nominees

About Schmidt
Essentially this is a very straight forward poster. Slap a picture of the star's face on the poster. Nothing original about that concept. But then you normally don't make your star look as haggard and dishevelled as this poster does. Just the look of Jack Nicholson on this poster tells volumes about his character in the film.
Nicolas Cage's head on a broken flower pot. A great representation of how the screenwriter in the story feels, as he desperately tries to write the script to The Orchid Thief.
Die Another Day
A smoking gun on ice. A beautiful looking poster that is simply selling the image of James Bond. No slogons, no stars, just a very distinctive image.
Gangs of New York
Yes, it has the "floating heads" that so many posters have in order to showcase all the big names. But it also does a great job of creating the new York skyline out of the tears in the American flag. Quite nice. And great to look at too.
Hollywood Ending
Woody Allen's films often have some of the biggest names in them but he rarely ever shows any of them on the posters. This one is no exception, though we do get to see the hand and foot prints of many of the stars. A very original idea. Is it their real prints? Hard to say...

and the winner is...